Tumbler Leaking Food Ball Toy


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[Bowl-feeding interaction]: Increase IQ and mental stimulation, pets will see, smell, hear it, and find snacks next to the toy. It can evoke dog interest and appetite!

✎ [Easy to refill and clean]: The tumbler is designed to roll in a small area during playback. Dog food will not be sprinkled everywhere. For easy cleaning and refilling, you can check it at will; as the container is made of transparent material, you can freely check the food consumption at any time.

As a therapeutic ball, it prevents rapid eating, limits the amount of treatment, prolongs dog feeding and digestive treatment, and maintains a healthy body. Toys slow down feeding, help digestion and bloating.

✎ [No annoyed anyone]: Dog toy balls reduce boredom and destructive behavior through healthy games and exercise while developing and keeping your dog’s body alert to achieve their hunting instinct.
✎ [100% safety material]: This pet food ball is made of high quality plastic. It is non-toxic and durable.