Roll Up Travel Dog Bowl.


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Use your pet travel bowl everyday. Feed your dogs and cats with the amazing dog travel bowl with build in mat. 

This practical, portable, non-slip feeding bowl helps reduce mess. A complete double food and water bowl with mat in one piece. Ideal for camping, walks and storage in your motor-home/RV If you camp or are regularly out and about with your pooch then this Roll up bowl will be your saviour. It is the new ‘must have’ doggy accessory. 

Easy to pack and super quick to roll out and use. The mat rolls away in seconds and conveniently pops back into its carry case. This means wherever you go you have a suitable, clean, handy double bowl set up for water and feeding. 

Easy Storage Simply hang up after use or roll up and store. Portable design for use on the go Our unique fold down design rolls up in seconds to the size and shape of a newspaper! It simply clasps together to make a compact portable pet bowl and mat for wherever you want to go with your dog (or cat). 

It includes a handy water-resistant carry case that can be carried, tied to a rucksack, placed into a bag and fits in any car glove box. Superb quality dog travel bowl Don’t waste money on cheap plastic bowls that split after a few uses.