Automatic Filtered Water Dispenser (Pink M)


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Item Type:Pet Automatic Dispenser
Length(wire):1.3 m/51.18″
Size:20 cm*20 cm*15.6 cm/7.87″*7.87″*6.14″


  • Fonuntain type water outlet, goodbye to manual water change.
  • SILENT operation, Silent pump, Effectively reduces noise control Within decibels that does not affect sleep operation
  • Smart shutdown protection, prevent dry combustion, smart water pump, when the inner cylinder is dry, NO need to worry about the risk of dry burn, safer and safer
  • High quality water, Triple filter: One hole filter, insulated hair, Sand, and other impurities, 2. Large Opening Central filter, depth of fire 3. The remaining Solid has been filtered Active Granular carbon impurities in Bag water, physical separation, adsorption of water and other heavy metals harmful impurities, retain Trace elements, improve Water quality
  • Installation method: 1. Take out the water Pump and adjust it The appropriate Water Outlet 2. keep the Water Tank 3. place the Drain Plate 4. place the Mesh Surface of the Active carbon filter 5. install THE panel 6. place the Top Cover of the water tank AND enter the feed.