3.8L Automatic Dog Drinker and Feeder


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  • [Toxic Free And Safe]: Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, harmless to the environment.
  • [High Capacity]: 3.8L large capacity, can provide enough food / water for a pet for several days, and you can control the flow of the food easily.
  • [Easy to use]: Just insert food / water into the device, which can then automatically use the principle of gravity to ensure a constant supply of food / water.
  • [Controllable]: Built-in excessive brake prevention device to control the dosage of pet food, prevent excessive consumption of pets and food pollution. When you go out for travel or work late at night, no need to worry about your pets starving or having no water to drink at home.
  • [Detachable]: Easy to remove from the bucket body and underframe for cleaning. Non-slip mat at the base of the feeder which can prevent your pet from overturning the feeder and keep the floor clean and tidy




* The Pet mate’s Pet Cafe Cat and Dog Feeder features gravity feed technology to dispense dry food when pets empty the bowl, extending the time between refills.

* Our water dispenser and food dispenser adopt food grade plastic material, non-toxic, no strange smell, please feel free to use

* The feeders opened the lid on the top of the containers to add food . The drinker can be removed directly from the non-slip base, filled with water and then attached to the base.


* Materials: food grade plastic

* Capacity: 3.8L

* Size: 31 * 17 * 22cm / 12.2 * 6.6 * 8.6inch