2 in 1 Dog Ball Launcher (White 20CM x 16CM x 16CM)


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Automate the ball catching game with your dog!

Playing cool down with your dog helps build intelligence, keeps your dog active and healthy, and improves overall health.

This innovative device allows you to automate the ball recovery game.  Simply insert the ball into the hole and the device will throw it.

The balloon insertion space is designed to be easily accessible. Teach your dog to place the ball in the insertion hole and he can play retrieval on his own!

Use the device with any type of tennis ball , the device is designed to be universal!

The ball launcher includes a special treat dispenser that can be set to deliver a treat each time a ball is inserted. Teach your dog to play scavenge by giving him a reward every time he brings the ball back!

Play with your dog in an innovative way. Order now!