We are here to be the leading online smart pet feeder supplier in the USA, where you’ll find everything you need for feeding your dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, fish, birds, reptiles, and turtles!

Since its creation, Pet Feedy has earned the trust of pet lovers and all of their furry friends.

Pet Feedy aims to serve thousands of monthly shoppers just like you. Our diverse catalog features some of today’s hottest-trending products with the best features at incredibly reasonable prices.  Our founder’s years of in-the-industry experience have enabled us to establish invaluable relationships with some of the industry’s most proficient suppliers.

These strong connections we’ve fostered over the years have given us access to some of the industry’s lowest prices.  These cost-saving partnerships we’ve worked so hard to establish allow us to pass these savings on to customers.  This means, at Pet Feedy, we offer our premium quality pet feeding products at prices other vendors simply can’t emulate.

Here are the advantages of our brands at a glance:

  • No soy or sugar
  • No artificial dyes, aromas or preservatives
  • Feeding according to the species
  • Varied and high-quality assortment
  • Healthy and, at the same time, very tasty

Why Choose Us

Animal lovers, Pet Feedy is a team of animal lovers and e-commerce experts, and we have combined our passion, professionalism, experience, and humility to guarantee you the best online shopping experience in The United States.

Customer support, we value all our customers, and as such, our team of animal lovers will always go the extra mile to make sure that both you and your pets are pleased with our products and services.

Principle Over profit, we know full well that most businesses will cease to exist without making a profit. But we also know that you can’t go chasing after profit at the expense of high-quality pet products and reliable customer support. That’s why at Pet Feedy, we are transparent with our products; they do exactly what we say they do. Also, we take pride in answering all your questions and queries, because our mantra is “principles over profits.”

Reliable delivery: once you shop at PetFeedy.com, you can have peace of mind that you will get your products in the estimated time described at checkout.

At Pet Feedy, we love what we do, and we are deeply passionate about it. We don’t boast about our products and service, but our customers will tell you; we are hard to beat. You can prove it for yourself, just go and check out our impressive range of pet supplies; you will be happy you found us.

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